Did you know that the plumbing industry is one of the fasting growing sectors in the country? From 2018 till 2028, the employment of professional plumbers and pipefitters will grow by 14 percent. This is relatively much faster than the average increase in demand for other occupations.

One of the most prominent reasons for the upward employment trend in the plumbing market is the demand for this service. A robust plumbing system is the foundation of a safe and functional household, and homeowners seek plumbing services to keep their faucets running and drains working—often throughout the year.

Investing in plumbing systems is as essential as other fixed costs such as rent and other utilities—because it’s crucial to the quality of life and integrity of your building. One primary reason for calling plumbers is that low-quality materials don’t stand the test of time, and succumb to damages easily. Choosing cheaper options is equal to setting yourself up for increased plumbing expenses because they won’t last long. Premium materials offer a longer lifespan and superior quality.

Beware the perils of inferior plumbing materials!


Bear in mind that plumbing systems are susceptible to wear down over time, and some damage is inevitable. These factors can put a strain on the durability of your plumbing systems, which will succumb under pressure if they’re not strong enough. That’s why it’s essential to use superior quality material such as copper, in your piping. This will prevent occasional leaks and damages and deliver on the promise of quality. However, since you’re sparing $285 for every 100 feet of copper piping, you need expert plumbers to fit pipes of the right size to prevent pressure buildup and consequent damages.

Drain pipes that get damaged under high pressure due to blockage

Frequent Clogging

If your piping material is corrosive or intolerant to high temperatures, it can disintegrate gradually and get clogged.  This restricts the pipe-flow, slow the drainage, and create a sewage backup if the problem persists. Moisture and waste can boost bacterial growth inside pipes, releasing harmful sewer gases into the atmosphere to seriously deteriorate health conditions at home and also violate health code for the workspace in offices.

Noisy Plumbing

Plumbing systems refer to materials used for piping as well as essential parts for the process. For example, water chambers can absorb shockwaves created when the way to a faucet is blocked and pressure increases. These parts help dispel noisy sounds—banging, hammering, and knocking—that can affect your place’s ambiance. Plumbing systems are supposed to be discrete, but such sounds can be embarrassing for businesses and disruptive for households.

Poor Water Quality

Plumbing material that’s unsafe for use in water lines can contaminate the water supply with sewage leaks. Once the harmful bacterial enter freshwater supply, they can make water unsafe and unhygienic for consumption. You need plumbing material that’s resistant to temperatures, corrosion, and other kinds of perils, and preserve safety standards of water supply.

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