Slow drains can be torturous. It’s painfully frustrating to watch a drain slowly suck in the water as the seconds tick by. You don’t want to spend an hour doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom sink when it can be done in under fifteen minutes—but slow drains can make simple tasks tedious and lengthy.

If you’re losing your mind over the drainage situation, you shouldn’t shove the problem under the rug. Your instinct is right; it is a sign of plumbing damage! You’re smart if you realize this early on because that can save you a lot of trouble that could occur later.

Diagnose The Problem

Remember when you forgot to take the hair out of the shower drain or throw the food remains in the drain instead of the bin? That minor negligence is not really minor. These things can get stuck in the drainage pipes to obstruct them. This can become a bigger issue if your drainage system is old and rusty—that would already have greasy sewage lining the walls of the pipes and shrinking the drainage space smaller.

However, the problem may not always be as deep. Check for these common reasons that make drains slowly.

Check The Drain Stopper

If hair has wrapped around the drain stopper, it will leave little room for the water to flow through. This is a common culprit if the shower drain or tub drain has slowed. Unscrew the outer cap and clean the hair or debris that’s clogging the drain. Fix it back and see if it drains better now.

Kitchen drain clogged with food remains

Use A Plunger

You can’t stand around all day, waiting for the kitchen sink to drain at a leisurely pace. Sometimes troubleshooting the problem on your own can fix the issue temporarily until the plumber arrives. A plunger is a household essential.

You can use it in dire circumstances such as these. Warm up the edges of the rubber with warm water and stick it to the drain. Thrust a few times to unclog the drain with air pressure. If the drains work fine after this, that’s great— but you should still call a plumber to check your drainage issue and assess possible damages.

It’s possible likely that the drains might still not work after trying these hacks. In that case, you know who to call. Dial (617) 217-8437, and our men will be at your service in no time.

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