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Drain & Sewer Cleaning and Repair Services

We provide drain cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Our services include but are not limited to: Pipe relining, water Jetting, drain snaking, sewer repair, excavation and replacement of damaged pipes, video diagnostics, and much more. We do Floor drains, sewer lines, pool drains, grease buildup stoppages, shower or tub drains, and even the kitchen sink. Whether you’re dealing with a clogged sink or toilet, need someone to help with house trap removal, or simply need a professional second opinion, we’re here for you. If you have a drain problem, we make it drain!


  • Water Jetting
  • Drain Snaking
  • Sewer repair
  • Pipe replacement
  • Excavation
  • Trenchless pipe repair
  • Pipe relining

Pipe Relining

Not every damaged pipeline requires an excavation to replace or repair it. Pipe relining is trenchless pipe repair, where instead of excavating the site to replace the pipe we are able to impregnate a resin-saturated liner made of polyester, cloth, and fiberglass that will make repair the pipe in the area that is causing the leak without having to dig. We purchase our liners from Perma-Liner, the top pipe relining supplier in the country. If you’re in New England Area, and need a professional for pipe relining, you know who to call.

  • Perma-Liner – Top supplier of pipe relining we purchase from.
  • Trenchless pipe repair which means no excavation
  • Repairs damaged pipes
  • Guaranteed to last

Water Jetting

Water jetting is a drain cleaning service where water is shot out of a nozzle in several directions while inside a clogged drain to remove blockages that aren’t effective when snaking a drain. Having a set of reliable and powerful water jetting nozzles is key to our drain cleaning services. Jetters Northwest has some of the most advanced water jetters in the country and for Drain Stars, nothing less will do.

  • Water Jetting is shot through a pressurized nozzle at 400 PSI
  • Good for removing grease buildup or gelatinous material
  • It can be more effective than snaking a drain even with resilient blockages.
  • To view the difference between Water Jetting and Snaking a drain click here.


Once we test, locate and properly identify the leak, break or defect in your piping system, our licensed plumber will determine the best location to create an access hole 3 ft wide and 5 ft deep on the side, front, or rear of your foundation. Our highly skilled excavators will then dig a 3′ x 3′ tunnel that runs parallel to the slab so that we can start repairs on the pipe.

  • Trench digging
  • Inspection by a city official
  • Licensed operation of heavy trucking
  • All excavation sites are cleaned and tranches refilled

Video Diagnostics

Video diagnostics are performed before, during, and after any drain cleaning to piping to determine if we need to jet it, snake it, line it, or replace it. Also, just because you’re water is draining properly doesn’t mean the drain pipe was fully cleared of blockage which is why it’s a more reliable test.

  • Determines how we handle the job
  • Tells us if we should snake it, water jet it, or if it needs replacement.
  • The most reliable test for checking if the blockage is cleared

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