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Pipe Relining Commercial

Pizza Shop – Brookline

Commercial job in Brookline. The owner of the property called us to come out. We did some Video Diagnostics and concluded the line was leaking at the foundation. We lined it, did more video diagnostics, and had it inspected by a city official. Since then the customer has had no more issues with the leak.


Area Was Excavated

Pipe Relined

Video Diagnostics performed

Sealed it up and cleaned the site

Customer has no Issues

Pipe Relining – Commercial

Public Swimming Pool – Walpole

The Walpole recreational department contacted us with an issue at Center Pool, their public outdoor swimming pool. The drain pipe in the pool was broken and needed to be repaired, fast. We arrived on the job, did some video diagnostics and decided a large excavation would not be necessary. After an initial drain cleaning to prep the work, we lined the broken pipe and performed another round of video diagnostics to make sure everything was set in place. We then sealed everything up and it has been in use since with no issues.


Video Diagnostics performed

Pipe Relined

Sealed it up and cleaned the site

Pool has been in use since then with no issues

Excavation & Replacement – Residential

Hingham, MA

Our crew went out to Hingham, MA residence to take a look at a sewer line running from the house to the tank. We excavated the area by digging a trench and replacing the compromised section of the sewer line with a PVC pipe. We replaced a whole section of Bermico pipe that had collapsed over time with PVC piping. Bermico pipe is a pipe made of wood pulp pitch pressed together with tar. Once we were finished setting the pipe we filled the trench back in with dirt and cleaned the site.


Small excavation trench

Replaced compromised sewer line section

Bermico pipe had collapsed and was replaced with new PVC

Pool has been in use since then with no issues

Compromised House Trap  – Residential

Boston, MA

The house trap in a crawl space was compromised and needed to be removed. Once removed we replaced the section with a new cast iron pipe. We were able to snake the remainder of the line to the city connection while performing a video analysis to make sure it reached all the way.


Small excavation in Crawl Space

Replaced compromised section with cast Iron pipe

Snaked the remainder of the drain

Used video analysis to follow out to city line and ensure proper connection with no more blockages.

Jackhammer Excavation and Rotted Pipe Removal  – Residential

Marlborough, MA

Jackhammer excavation in the basement of Marlborough house. Replaced rotted cast iron pipe that caused the drain to become clogged and caused numerous backups. Replaced the rotted pipe with a new cast iron pipe with an access point.


Jackhammer Excavation

Replaced rotted cast iron pipe with new one

Created access point

Used video analysis to follow out to city line and ensure proper connection with no more blockages.

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