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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide to snake or water jet a drainpipe?

Some blockages can’t be snaked because the materials clogging the pipe are either gelatinous, grease-based, or made of materials a snake would slide right through without cleaning out. Some hard materials like branches are easier to water jet because they can break them up easier where snaking a drain would just pus them further down the drain. Check out this video for a great explanation.

Do you do Commercial or Residential properties?

We do both. We do a lot of commercial and residential calls and have the experience to know what to expect when working either one. check out the projects page to see some of our work in commercial and residential sectors.

What area do you work in?

We service

  • Middlesex County
  • Essex County
  • Suffolk County
  • Norfolk County
  • Bristol County
  • Plymouth County

If you live in a county that doesn’t appear on the list message me and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.