Get Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Repair and Assessment in Braintree, MA

Norfolk County’s Braintree is just one of many early settlements named after an English town by British settlers in the 15th century. Its signature moderate continental climate makes the city a pleasant area to live in, but it also means trouble for sewer and drains maintenance.

Residents that live in towns with traditional homes from the 20th and 19th centuries, as well as a range of weather conditions such as humidity, rain, and snow, need to be very careful about their drains. Even a few small showers can lead to clogged drains and sewers, which can damage the whole underground sewerage infrastructure!

Avoid waiting around for a problem to show itself and call us for professional drain and sewer cleaning services after every spell of bad weather. Our drain experts will perform in-depth diagnostics to locate all blockages and identify damage caused by them. We always begin with an external assessment, after which we proceed to our video diagnosis.

Our video diagnosis helps us confirm the presence of leaks and clogs and their location and appearance. This helps us decide our strategy for rectifying the situation. We don’t want to perform the wrong services and leave you even worse off than before! With confirmation from our camera’s footage, we’re able to identify the nature of the issue accurately.

We can then go in and perform a house trap removal to clear out junk from the sewage line leading to your house. For internal toilet or drain clogs, we implement standard snake removals that all our technicians are extensively trained in.

Our advanced water jetting technology works perfectly to remove the block without risk of damage to the nearby infrastructure for more complicated unclogging tasks. After ascertaining good water flow, we ensure that there are no leaks.

Chronic clogging issues can lead to damage to pipes. While an excavation job can replace all the pipes with new ones, our pipe relining services could also be up to the task. This non-invasive method uses a lined pipe structure to fit into existing pipelines and forgoing the need for total replacement.

With our experienced team at Drain Stars, you can rest assured that we will work with you every step of the way. We present the best options to our clients, they make the call, and we execute — flawlessly.  Call us today at (617) 217-8437 to schedule a consultation.