If you’re tired of calling plumbers every other day to fix your drains, it says more about you than the service. You’re doing something wrong in the kitchen that’s causing your pipes to act up.

If you’re not careful with what goes down the drain, you’re creating trouble for yourself. Food remains are the biggest culprits in the case of clogged sinks.

Don’t let this advice slide if you want your kitchen drains and plumbing repairs to last long. Here are some foods that should not go into the drains.

Chicken Bones

Crispy chicken wings served on green salad leaves in a round basket

Chicken wings may look irresistible when served on the dinner table, but you mustn’t let the bones go down the drain. Take care when disposing remains after a chicken wings treat because

  1. a) they’re solids and take long to decompose, and
  2. b) they block drainpipes.

You can’t toss them into the garbage disposal unit either because they can damage the blades. The only way to dispose of them properly is in a biodegradable trash bag or decomposing it into kitchen compost.


A bunch of celery and red spices and garlic cloves on a white counter

Celery is a fibrous vegetable that disintegrates into fibrous strings when you throw it into the garbage disposal. Once you let celery bits and chunks flow down the drain, they can cluster into the narrow space and block the flow. Besides, decaying organic matter enable bacterial growth that clogs pipes and affects the house’s air quality. You need to get rid of celery separately, along with veggies like asparagus and corn husks.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee beans are measured in a cup placed on a large spread of coffee beans

If you can’t wake up without your morning mug, here’s a wake-up call for you. Coffee grounds might slip inconspicuously down the drain, but they can wreak havoc deep down. They tend to collect inside the pipes and solidify into sediment. This obstructs your drains from performing its functions and gradually impairs your plumbing system.

Egg Shells

Peeled eggshells on a plate

How often do you peel boiled eggs over the kitchen sink? Quite often, if you like boiled eggs for breakfast. You may not realize, but the smallest pieces of eggshells can easily slip down the drain and stick to the sides. This invisible film attached to the inner shell can cling onto surfaces and decay inside the drainpipes, causing a blockage in your kitchen drains.

These may seem like common instances in a busy household, but they can be the reason behind choked drains. In our experience, minor blockages can turn into major plumbing disasters if not treated on time.

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