It’s difficult to pay for substantial plumbing repairs when your kitchen drains are choked to the brim with food bits. But it’s easier to prevent that from happening with regular drain maintenance.

You may be particular about scrubbing your counters and doing the dishes till your kitchen looks sparkling clean at the end of the day. But do you concern yourself with what goes on inside the drains?

A few red flags that should catch your attention are sewer stench, slow drainage, and gurgling sounds. If you’re noticing that, it’s time to call a drain cleaning company. But first, try these hacks that might fix the problem free of cost.

Use Hot Water

Make it a habit to turn on the hot water tap while working in the kitchen. Warm water helps disengage the food remains that stick to the pipe and flushes them out. Scalding hot water also washes off greasy substances and clears the channel for drainage. This is a quick and easy way to remove gunk and residue from your drainage pipes and clear the obstruction that’s clogging them.

Use Strainers

This is a good tip for washing vegetables, beans, cilantro, meat, and other foods in the kitchen sink. Always strain your ingredients in it before putting them in the sink. Washing without a container puts you at the risk of wasting food and letting it flush down the drain. Using a strainer prevents food bits from clogging the sink and causing plumbing problems later on.

A kid washing dirty cutlery in a kitchen sink filled with soapy water

Clear Out The Grease

Since you’re washing off a lot of oily dishes and greasy pots in the sink, your drain can develop buildup over time. With grease lining the drainpipe walls, there’s less space for the wastewater to flush through. You need to de-grease your kitchen drains before it becomes a severe issue. A good tip is to squirt some dishwashing liquid into the sink and pour boiling water over it. This helps wash off the grease and clean the drain. You can test the results by checking how fast the drain works after de-greasing.

Attach Countertop Pails

Some cooks like to peel and chop their veggies near the sink and wash them right after. If you’re in the habit of doing that, you’re exposing the sink drain to peels and rinds that might accidentally fall down the drain. Even small bits of food can clog the pipes over time. It’s important to dispose these carefully. Attaching a pail to your countertop helps. Place your cutting board right above it to slide off the waste material directly into the container.

Dumping food remains ignorantly into the drains may seem like quick riddance, but they can amount to great trouble in the long run. Better be safe than sorry, and give your pipes a good professional cleaning.

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