The buildup of debris and minerals acts like slow poisoning on drainage pipes. As the waste material keeps lining on the walls of drainage pipes, the diameter keeps shortening and contracting the space available for sewage. The problem begins with slow drainage and often ends up in complete blockage of drains or backflow.

You need something to clear the blockage efficiently and offer the sewage water a way out through the drains. This can happen in kitchen drains, bathrooms, showers, and even outdoor sewers.

Water jetting, or hydro jetting is a reliable option that clears the obstruction and cleans the pipelines with high-pressure water. It’s a natural method that helps unclog pipes for long-lasting results. You won’t have to use plungers or drain cleaners once you avail our water-jetting service.

What Is Water Jetting?

A water nozzle is fitted into a drain opening. Water shoots out of the nozzle at 400 PSI and spreads in various directions inside the drain. This cleans the walls of the drainage pipe and pushes obstruction out of the way with sheer force. We use a set of different nozzles for different types and sizes of drains, and the results are often better compared to snaking a clogged drain. We use water jetters from Jetters Northwest because they provide the best in the country.

Here’s more about how water jetting can help clear your drains.

Excellent Maintenance For Drains

Clogged drains can dampen your pace during chores, leave an unpleasant stench around the house, affect hygiene standards in the environment, and cost expensive plumbing repairs. You can avoid all that with preventative maintenance for your drainage pipes.

Hydro jetting is a great way to unclog drains before the debris builds up to slow them down. This keeps the drainage in check and saves you from serious plumbing disasters that cost more to repair.

Removes Harmful Bacteria And Smell

The debris collected on the walls of the drainage pipes is not just bad for the plumbing system but also your health. It means that greasy fluids and food remains are still stuck to the pipelining and rotting in the damp atmosphere. This makes the environment conducive to harmful bacterial growth.

The scum buildup releases bacteria into the home environment and affects your health. Bacterial breakdown also produces hydrogen sulfide gas—also known as sewer gasto be released in your surroundings. Only water jetting can remove bacterial growth and clear the air from any signs of bad smell. You’ll notice a remarkable boost in the air quality and a considerable decrease in health concerns.

A drain releasing wastewater into the main sewer in Boston

Environmentally Safe

Unlike drain cleaning solutions that contain toxic substances that leave a carbon footprint on the planet, water jetting is a safe and sustainable plumbing solution. It requires no chemicals and releases zero pollution in the environment. The scum is washed into the wastewater drains, and the pipes are cleared with an environmentally-conscious cleaning option.

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