There are always stories of bizarre findings in rivers, that were once flushed down toilets. While some things are an obvious no-no when it comes to being flushed out, others are not that commonly known.

What you flush down your toilet may seem like a quick second decision. However, the aftermath of your decision could be troublesome for a much longer time. Here are a few things you should probably toss in the bin, rather than in your toilet bowl.

Wet Wipes

You may regard a wet wipe to be the same as your regular toilet paper but that is far from the truth. Despite the ‘flushable’ advertisement on your pack of disposable wipes, they’re not the best things to flush down your toilet.

Wet wipes tend to not disintegrate in water, which means they get flushed and pass through your drainage pipe as a whole. This could be troublesome since they can clog your drains and cause of water backing up and flowing out of your toilet bowl.

Dental Floss

While dental floss may be great for your teeth, they could be disastrous for your pipelines! Dental floss is not biodegradable and will not break down if it’s flushed down the drain.

Dental floss is made from nylon, which is very difficult to disintegrate. Due to it being so thin, it can quickly get tangled up with other clogs found in your pipelines. These entanglements can eventually cause bigger, more complicated clogs, which could be disruptive for your drainage.

Feminine Products

Feminine sanitary products should never be flushed

Calling a plumber to take out the used sanitary products from your pipeline can be an extremely embarrassing situation. The best way to avoid this incident is never to flush your feminine hygiene products down the toilet.

Tampons may seem compact and like they would easily make their way through your pipeline, but that is not what happens. Due to its absorbent nature, tampons and pads could quite easily swell up with water once they reach the pipelines and cause an obstruction. This could not only cause drainage issues, but also destroy your pipelines.

Try as you might, sometimes things that should not be flushed get their way into your pipeline anyhow. In these instances, it’s best to call for a professional plumber to clean out your drain immediately so that the problem does not get bigger.

At Drain Star, we provide professional drain cleaning services to our customers in Boston. We also specialize in sewage cleaning and ensure that there are no more hindrances present in your pipeline once it has been cleaned.

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