A functional drain is essential to complete a lot of home chores. Whether it’s cleaning the dishes, draining a bathtub, or flushing, every function needs a working drain. However, a clogged drain could bring with it a myriad of troubles.

Before your drain becomes completely dysfunctional, you usually notice some warning signs that hint to your drain struggling to work well. We have identified a few signs which indicate your drain needs some urgent cleaning.

Rotten Smell

The funky smell coming from your home is not just your imagination; it could be a sign of a drain that needs cleaning!

Hydrogen Sulfide is a chemical gas that has a rotten egg-like odor. This gas is usually emitted from sewage lines and drain pipes when food and other substances get accumulated and cause a blockage for a long time. The smell can be pungent and penetrate through your entire home.

The only way to get rid of the scent is to thoroughly clean all of the gunk that has made its way into the drainage pipe.

Slow Water Drainage

An undeniable sign of an almost clogged drainage is when the water in your sink drains incredibly slowly.

Usually, when food, grease, or hair finds its way into your pipeline and accumulates, it can slowly flow. Eventually, more waste can find its way into your pipeline and cause a complete blockage, making it difficult for any water to drain at all.

Regular drain cleaning is the only way to get rid of food and hair in the pipeline. Prevention is essential, but after a while, waste will accumulate regardless. Thorough cleaning with the help of equipment that pulls out all the hair and food is the best solution to slow drainage.


Drain Flies

Drain flies are a sign of a dirty drain

Drain flies are the incredibly tiny flies you will find bunched up near your drain. These insects are a broad indicator that your drain needs some professional cleaning.

Although not harmful, drain flies can be incredibly unsightly. They usually breed in dark, moist, and unhygienic environments. Getting rid of them is quite simple. Just clean your drain. A deep clean of your gutters will disrupt their ideal living environment and will get rid of them overnight.

There is only so much drain cleaning you can do yourself before you require a professional plumber’s assistance. At Drain Stars, we offer drain and sewer cleaning services in Boston. Our team of professionals ensures deep and thorough cleaning of your drains to avoid the trouble of a clogged drain.

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