Plumbing problems are infinite, some with easy fixes and others costing way more than you could have imagined. As unpredictable as they may be, some plumbing issues are far too common.

Whether it’s due to regular use or negligence, plumbing problems are bound to make their way into your home. You can prepare yourself for the inevitable by identifying common plumbing mistakes and how to fix them, so you’re not entirely stranded in the face of trouble.

Slow Draining Water

If you’ve ever found yourself impatiently waiting for the water in your sink to drain, chances are you’re dealing with a plumbing problem. Most slow draining issues stem from blockages found in the pipelines.

In kitchens, the blockages may be due to grease or food particles. Similarly, the backup in your bathroom could be caused by pieces of hair and soap falling down the drain. Either way, these chunky particles make their way into your pipelines and cause a blockage, causing the water to pass through slowly. If left untreated, the backup can become more extensive, resulting in water not flowing down your sink at all.

Overflowing Toilet

Overflowing toilet is a common plumbing issue

Did you know that approximately 30% of your home’s water consumption is down to toilet flushes? And that is when the toilet is in working condition! An overflowing toilet can result in hundreds of gallons worth of water waste.

The reason behind a running toilet can be many. To understand the problem’s source, you must be familiar with the parts found inside your bathroom. While most toilet problems may warrant a quick replacement of its parts, sometimes the problem lies in your pipelines. Sediments stuck in your toilet’s pipeline could be disrupting the flow of water and causing difficulty in its ability to flush out waste.

The reason for your toilet overflowing could be one of many problems, and your best bet is to call a professional drain cleaner who might be able to identify whether the problem is within your toilet’s parts or deeper in your pipelines.

Clogged Garbage Disposal  

A minor jam in your garbage disposal is quite common and nothing to be too worried about. However, when the problem seems persistent, then you might have to look into fixing it before it turns into a bigger issue.

Often, homeowners will drain grease and larger food particles down their garbage disposal. While it may not seem like a problem at the moment, these haphazard disposals could be accumulating into a giant clog in your garbage disposal’s pipes. Eventually, it could cause clogs and cease to function normally. It’s best to throw all larger-sized food products in the trash to avoid clogs.

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